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You are likely here because you are the leader or member of a “resistance” group, or you’d like to be. Maybe your vision is to be a collaborative leader and you instinctively understand that the strength of any entity or movement is in its diversity. Maybe you have seen too much conflict leading to missed opportunities. Maybe “leading” these groups sometimes feels like herding cats. I’ve been training collaborative leaders and facilitating meetings to consensus among diverse stakeholders for over 15 years. There are models that work, that help you move through conflict peacefully together. Models that help you design decision making processes that incorporate the visions of multiple stakeholders. Models that help you actually DECIDE things together and share accountability for success AND learn and grow from mistakes. This course will introduce you to theories, concepts and most importantly the PRACTICES of ethical collaborative leadership. You will get tools that you can put to use immediately to improve all of your collaborative efforts.

Course Curriculum

Welcome to Leadership Lab
The tale of two paradigms
The art and science of healthy collaborative relationships
Building consensus for ACTION
The empowering art of convening
The ethical faciliatator
What's next

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